nikki ccaa'sRunning with proper form is a skill, just as important as any other technical skill in any other sport.  It’s important to run with proper form, not only for improved performance, but also for injury prevention.

A biomechanist who specializes in running will be able to highlight flaws in technique and prioritize which major gait issues need to be addressed through corrective drills and cues.

Although making changes to one’s gait may initially require increased energy demands, the long term benefits of establishing adequate muscular control and proper running mechanics will improve running economy, reduce risk of injury, and lengthen one’s running career.

Are you looking to improve your running?  Contact me for an in-person Running Gait Analysis if you’re in the Okanagan area, or try an Online Analysis if you find yourself elsewhere in the world.  I also do private online coaching with The Run S.M.A.R.T. Project and prepare customized training plans.